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Handcrafted Wine Infused Desserts are Guilt Free Pleasures!

Photos by Marlo Wright

We began manufacturing amazing Fruit Infused wines in 2010. We knew the wine industry was a bit crowded -- but these wines were too amazing to not present to the world. We did one better. We are re-presenting them in an amazing Artisan form... Wine Infused Desserts! 

Our Raspberry and Peach Infused, Gluten-Free Wines, would marry with amazing desserts and debut a line of delectable and delightfully refreshing, gluten-free, Frozen Sorbet and Melange (pronounced mey-lahnzh, -lahnj). 

Women everywhere are absolutely excited about these desserts -- and rightfully so. They are GUILT FREE PLEASURE! How? Our Melange is dairy based, with probiotics -- who else can tote this claim? The alcohol content is low enough that moms are giving small quantities to their toddlers! 

Designed with YOU in mind, our desserts accommodate those with digestive issues -- which is approximately 7million people. From Celaic to Diabetes, the lower sugar content (which is why we use the wine to flavor instead of additional sugar syrup concentrate), clients have raved about this being the one indulgences that doesn't disturb their well-being!It's a more wholesome dessert option! 

It doesn't stop there!





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Mango Pineapple & Raspberry Wine Sorbet

Mango Pineapple & Raspberry Wine Sorbet






Thank you so very much for the sorbet. It was a huge hit!! Everyone was so impressed and loved it. Your sorbet brought my champagne bar to a whole other level! Thank you so very much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.
— BM, Catering Manager/Bride to Be

Wine Infused Sea Salts are HERE! 

Triple Berry Finishing Salt - Made with Raspberry Wine

Finishing Salts

Salt has been part of commerce and cooking for centuries. It is a very effective food enhancer, intensifying the flavors on what you consume. 

Fleur de Sel Sea Salts are hand harvested and come from the coast of Brittany.


Take life with a grain of salt, a lime and a shot of Tequila!


  1. Use none at all while preparing a dish! We know this goes against what you have been doing for years! Have a little faith.
  2. Appreciate the salt and diversity it brings to your food. Our salts in particular aren't just another salt flavor, yet another dimension  to marry the superb flavors of your food together, perfectly.
  3. Experiment! We love discovering new ways to use our salts, and will continue sharing with you! Drop us a line and let us know how you use yours!  

Cocktail Salts are made from USA harvested Salts!

Cocktail Salts are made from USA harvested Salts!


Cocktail Salts are perfect for the rim of your favorite cocktail! It's all about what's in the rim! 

Harvested in the USA on the west coast, these American made salts won't disappoint! A crisp salt flavor, infused with artisans flavors that give your drink a certain va va room! Pre-moistened so you won't have to worry about the salt slide -- and lick. 

Suggested Use:

Pina Colada
Chocolate Martini
Mint Julep
Bloody Mary

For the Love of food!








Cooking Salts

Perfect for cooking or on the table! 

Preferred by gourmet chefs for it's texture, and better flavor -- they're also less processed than table salts and it contains other minerals like magnesium, According to the American Heart Association -- A table of sea salt has less sodium than table salt because of the grain size.